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Internal cleansing, sometimes referred to as “detoxing” is a popular beneficial element for regaining health, reaching optimal wellness and getting rid of last years bad news. For some, starting a new lease on life at the beginning of the year usually includes a “cleanse.” Ultimate Digestive Health mean business when tummy issues are involved. Their online site helps those who are interested in cleaning up the colon from undesired toxins, parasites and more:



Ultimate Digestive Health: What makes it different?

There are are many popular detoxification programs available and choosing the right one can get complicated. Ultimate Digestive Health claim they are not your typical healthy lifestyle program. They believe in bringing common sense together with scientific facts to prove they are the best and stand out among other programs. Like most cleansing program companies, Ultimate Digestive Health is not supported by the Federal Drug and Agriculture department. 

  • The website is informative, educating the consumer on different intestinal issues. 
  • The program is easy to follow and safe.
  • The company offers a liberal refund policy.
  • Uses non GMO herbs.
  • No wheat, gluten, corn,, soy milk, egg, sugar in products.
  • Supplies an ingredient list on website.
  • Products in program restore healthy bacteria.
Best Available Ultimate Digestive Health Coupon:
Ultimate Digestive Health vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Ultimate Digestive Health)

Competitors with Ultimate Digestive Health are Bowtrol Colon Cleanse and Colonix.

The 2 competitors use natural herbs and claim they adhere to FDA regulations. Bowtrol mentions they manufacture products with FDA regulation. Ultimate Digestive Health is more up front saying they are not supported by FDA. Herbal companies rarely are regulated by FDA. Ultimate Digestive Health uses non-GMO herbs and no pesticides.

Colonix has been a brand name in colon cleansing for over a decade with terrific testimonials, but their refund policy is complicated and not clear to the consumer. Bowtrol, made by Pacific Naturals, gives consumer information on contacts which makes it easy to communicate, if necessary. Pacific Naturals has been making other herbal supplements since 1996 and Bowtrol since 2007 and have a decent reputation. Their return policy can be frustrating to some. Ultimate Digestive Health prides themselves with a “no hassle” refund policy and gives the consumer plenty of time to return, opened or not.

Colonix delivers herbal guidelines on their website which is helpful to those not familiar with supplements. Ultimate Digestive Health provides ingredient lists on each product.

What’s nice about Colonix and Ultimate Digestive Health is they both provide supplements that restore the good bacteria in the gut. Colonix offers a heavy metal detoxification with their program as well. Bowtrol offers a probiotic, but this is sold separately.

Ultimate Digestive Health: Pricing & packages

Ultimate Digestive Health Program--30 Day Supply--$85.00

Colonix--30-Day Supply--$85.00

Bowtrol Cleanse--1 Bottle--$39.95

Bowtrol offers probiotic support supplements as well, but doesn’t offer a comprehensive program, so the company gives the consumer an option to order solely just a cleanse product. All 3 offer some sort of discount with purchases. Ultimate Digestive Health offers value with their program providing cleanse, fiber, herbal tea and probiotic support with the complete program. Also, using non-GMO, pesticide-free herbs is a big plus with the program. 

Shipping varies on each website:

Ultimate Digestive Health--Free in the U.S..

Colonix--$5.00 and ships within 24 hours

Bowtrol--Free if purchased on

Ultimate Digestive Health: Product images & screenshots
Ultimate Digestive Health Coupons
Ultimate Digestive Health: Customer reviews & comments

Positive Feedback from Consumers on Ultimate Digestive Health website are:

Michael G., Sarasota, Florida states,

"Ultimate Digestive Health has helped with my weight loss goals."

 Audrey V., Venice, Florida announces,

"I am thrilled. My bloaty feelings are gone."

 Carl G. says,

"I lost 8.5 pounds in a month. Many of my problems were relieved."

Negative Feedback From Reviewers comment:

"No noticeable difference in energy or weight loss."

"Buy natural seeds instead, save money and health"

For what it's worth, Ultimate Digestive Cleanse is pushing for better customer service, friendly refund policies and quality products, lacking in companies of the past.

Best Available Ultimate Digestive Health Coupon:
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